How does eazySiteBuilder differ from all the other website building systems out there?

OK, here's the lowdown on why we believe eazySiteBuilder and eazyCMS together provide the best route to building & editing your own business website...

  1. First off, eazySiteBuilder has over 2 million combinations. How many other systems out there offer that much choice at the template stage?!
  2. Once you have built your site, editing is a breeze with eazyCMS. However, its also one of the most powerful systems out there. This is no 'free editor included with hosting' deal. How many other systems offer advanced features like Product Databases, Form Builders, Members-Only areas... included in the basic price?
  3. eazyCMS is also a fully fledged Mobile App allowing you to achieve lots of simple website updating tasks, quickly and effectively. Want to post to your Blog, or add a News item? No problem! Or perhaps upload a couple of photographs to your Online Gallery, resizing them automatically in the process? All this and more is possible on your Mobile Phone or Tablet, with the eazyCMS Mobile App. 
  4. If you want a quick, easy route to sell your products today, then we believe there is no finer choice than the eazyCMS eCommerce Module and built-in Shopping Cart. All you need to do is add your products to the system, and then edit the PayPal email address where you want the cash to be sent to. That's it - youre done! Why wait around for your bank to sort out a Merchant Account, or for your web company to write the code for a complex shopping basket...? With eazyCMS, your products can be selling online in minutes... and what's more its all included in the basic price!
  5. With other systems it is quite usual for a page limit to be set. Get 6 pages on this plan, 50 pages on that, etc. With eazyCMS there are NO page limits. You are free to create unlimited pages anytime you want, included in the basic price!
  6. OK, so even with the easiest system in the world you are going to have questions. Thats when our Support team step in. Simply click the eazySupport button from within the eazyCMS system and our Support team are on hand to answer any questions you have, quickly and efficiently. Why wait around for an answer for days when you can have a live chat with a Support person at the point when you need the help! This Professional Support is included in the basic price!
  7. Business class hosting. Real hosting, from a real web company. We have been developing websites since the mid 1990s, so we know what it takes to host a business-class website and we are here for the long haul. Our servers are hosted in prime locations, continually monitored and updated, keeping your website secure and online 24/7/365. Plus, did we mention, business web hosting is included in the annual price!?
  8. Price. eazyCMS is very, very cost-effective. In fact it is ridiculously cheap! OK, there we have said it. For something that is this inexpensive, you would not expect to get much. You may be comparing it to the expensive systems out there and wondering where the catch is? Surely it can't be that good for that price, right? Wrong! For all the above reasons and more, eazyCMS is a very real alternative to the costly website creation tools on the market. We have developed a system that allows you the end-user to build your own website with limited intervention from us the Web Design company. With this situation of less intervention required, we have made the decision to pass these savings onto you the customer.

So, go ahead and start eazySiteBuilder now, and build a professional business website online in your browser today!


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