Q. How do I edit my website once its built with eazySiteBuilder?

Once your site is built with eazySiteBuilder, you can add and edit an unlimited number of pages using the eazyCMS Content Management System. NOTE: If you have already built your site, you can edit your site right now - just login at http://admin.eazycms.com  (UK/USA edition) or http://admin.eazyweb.com.au (Australia & NZ edition)

eazySiteBuilder and eazyCMS are fully web-based: this means you access it from your normal web browser and there is nothing to install!

In addition, eazyCMS is available as a Mobile App on your Mobile Phone or Tablet. Add a news item, post an event, upload an image to your image gallery, post to your Blog... all this and more is possible using the eazyCMS Mobile App. Using this advanced system, you can easily edit any of the following items in your site database:

News (Add, edit or delete);
Blog (Add, edit or delete Blog posts, plus view user comments);
Galleries (Add, edit or delete, plus upload imagery to an Image Gallery direct from the phone’s camera and/or photo gallery);
FAQs (Add, edit or delete, plus show/hide FAQ from site);
Events (Add, edit or delete events);
Traffic Analyser (discover the most popular pages in your website, viewed in Column Chart, Pie Chart or Tabular List format).

New features are added regularly, and all users benefit from updates to the system at regular intervals.

eazyCMS is a professional, business-class system licensed to companies and organisations of all sizes, around the world. There are lots of built-in features, including: WYSIWYG editing, auto page management, colour & style management, META data control, built-in databases, Events, News, PayPal-ready Product Catalogue, full Audit Trails, Traffic Analyser, Rollback feature, timed release / timed expiry of pages ...and many more features. (Check out the full eazyCMS Feature List here).

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