Who is signing up for eazySiteBuilder?

Everyone! Interest in eazySiteBuilder is incredible and growing daily... with signups from absolutely anyone with an interest in getting a web presence, but with absolutely NO interest in learning advanced DHTML, Javascript, PHP, Database coding, DNS, FTP or any of the other technical processes involved in getting a website programmed and hosted. These days, an increasing number of people, from all walks of life, are choosing the eazy option...

Businesses build websites with eazySiteBuilder
SMEs, small 'one man' businesses and larger organisations all build websites with eazySiteBuilder. Plus, we get a lot of signups from business startups and pre-startups: people who are not yet in business but who are at the thinking about it stage. For example, lets say you have a business idea but you're not sure whether its good enough to sink lots of money into just yet... well, this is the ideal platform to 'float' the idea to a wider audience, without the usual investment required from a website. From just £199 + VAT (or $USD, $AUD & €EUR) you can get your website designed hosted and supported for 1 year: meaning its considerably cheaper than getting a business card printed! Bigger companies use the system for pilot projects and prototyping, where the collaborative working arrangements of eazyCMS are ideal for multi-user environments.

Charities build websites with eazySiteBuilder
Charitable organisations choose eazySiteBuilder for their web-building needs because it makes sound financial sense to do so. They get a solid web base for their organisation, with all the basics covered, allowing them to make best use of their time: raising money for their charity rather than wrestling with web software!

Sports clubs build websites with eazySiteBuilder
Cricket clubs, tennis clubs, football clubs, hockey clubs, rugby clubs... they all need websites - and they all come to eazySiteBuilder for a good deal! Most sporting clubs do not have a load of money to spend, and so are looking for a solid, dependendable internet provider with an easy to use web building system. Somewhere they can upload fixtures to, imagery from matches, general sporting news and keep a calendar of forthcoming social events ... wiith eazyCMS this is a breeze.

From all walks of life, people are signing up for the eazySiteBuilder system to help make their lives easier in some way. Church websites, Farm websites, School websites, Village websites, Family websites... the list goes on! How about a Wedding website? With eazyCMS it really is easy! Choose a style that you like, build the site, and then use your new website to keep people informed about the big day. Add some directions to the church, update breaking news, include some information on local restaurants and hotels for guests to use, add a Guestbook for visitors... all the while giving yourself more control and hopefully making the whole process a little smoother.

Bars, restaurants, hotels and cafes are all signing up for the eazySiteBuilder web building system. With an unlimited number of pages included in the basic price, and lots of suitable imagery to choose from, it means eazyCMS can easily accomodate as many rooms or meals or drinks as your establishment has! And talking about lots of items, Collectors and Hobbyists sign up for eazySiteBuilder and use the built-in shopping cart to sell entire collections on the web, accepting payment with credit card via the free PayPal account. What a great opportunity to sell without having to get a Merchant Account or approval from your bank first.

...and that brings me to Opportunity Seekers! eazyCMS really is a great opportunity to make money. A lot of our signups are actually interested in the system as the perfect route to making money from the Internet. Want to get money from building websites, but no time to get skilled? Sending prospective web clients elsewhere? Well, now there IS a way to grab some of this lucrative business without the hassle! Your competitors may already be using this innovative system to leverage an income from professional web design... Contact us to find out more about our Reseller scheme.

We could go on... but really its best if you experience the benefits of building your own site with eazySiteBuilder for yourself, and then edit it online whenever you want, at a time and location that suits you!

What sort of websites can I make with eazySiteBuilder.com?

eazySiteBuilder automates the creation of professional, business-class websites with ease. The following are just some of the thousands of websites that have been built 'off-the-shelf' using the web site builder eazySiteBuilder.com in around 10 minutes...


Do you also develop custom solutions?

YES! We are a full-service Internet company, with a proven track-record of designing and developing solutions to companies and organisations of all sizes. From 'one-man-bands' with limited budgets through to multi-national organisations with budgets of tens of thousands, we can deliver a solution that works, on time and on budget. These are just a few samples of sites that have been custom developed, and are edited using the eazyCMS pro Business Content Management System.



... and many more! Take a look at the Eazyweb Portfolio page to get a better idea of the many types of website that can be designed and managed using the eazyCMS Web Content Management System.

Go ahead and start eazySiteBuilder now, and build a professional business website online in your browser today!


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